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Merek: Sony Model: 0834809172
The SNC-HM662 IP network camera provides an uninterrupted 360-degree hemispheric field of view. It’s an ideal ‘overview camera’ solution for keeping a watchful eye over a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments – from lobbies, waiting rooms and retail spaces to car parks, campuses and commerci..
Rp. 26.468.750,-
Merek: Sony Model: 0834809219
The SNC-CX600 is a compact ‘all in one’ security camera that includes passive sensor, LED illuminator, speaker/microphone and edge recording functions in an affordable integrated package. It’s ideal for safeguarding offices, restaurants, hotels and other small business premises...
Rp. 8.341.667,-
Merek: Sony Model: 0834809200
Offering crisp, clear HD 720p picture quality, the SNC-CX600W includes many of the core imaging technologies featured in Sony’s latest generation of video security camera range. Powered by the acclaimed IPELA ENGINE EX signal processing platform, you’ll enjoy excellent imaging quality plus intellige..
Rp. 8.341.667,-
Merek: Sony Model: 06664035159
Active 3D Glasses TDG-BT500A..
Rp. 1.106.000,-
Merek: Sony Model: 0834809178
This easy to install fixed network camera with an attractively price brings crisp HD imaging quality to a wide range of indoor security and surveillance applications, from offices, banks and retail spaces to education...
Rp. 12.833.333,-
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